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Catalonia: an ideal European Union member Imprimeix Correu-e
per Víctor Alexandre   
dimarts, 11 setembre 2012
 Catalonia: an ideal European Union member If there is one thing that has infuriated Spain even more than the pro-independence protest march on the Catalan national holiday, La Diada (11 September), it was the international attention it received. Spain just can't stand that. Understandably so, since Spain simply does not accept even the existence of the nation of Catalonia. As far as Spain is concerned, there is no such thing as a Catalan; there are only Spaniards. Clearly, there is no reaching any sort of understanding with those who follow this absolutist (or, rather, fascist) line of thought, which goes so far as to despise a nation with a thousand-year-old history that has made very important contributions to humanity. This is exactly why Spain is angered so to see the name of Catalonia making headlines in major media markets all over the world. It is the same anger felt by the kidnapper who learns that his hostage has been able to communicate with someone on the outside.

Spain, therefore, will pressure European Union member states not to pay Catalonia any heed. But luckily for us, Spain is just a bantam-weight. The rest of Europe is very concerned that Spain will not pay off its debt, and these concerns are exacerbated by Spain's traditional arrogance-- the fruit of its own inferiority complex. And so, if forced to choose between Catalonia and Spain, Europe will always choose Catalonia, because Europe knows that Catalonia has a solvent economy, and it knows that Spain is bankrupt. Catalonia is currently up to its neck because it is being robbed of the resources it generates, but as an independent country, it would be the fourth richest state in the European Union. Catalonia's word is good, because Catalonia does what it says it will do. Spain, on the other hand, squanders fortunes on colossal construction projects that serve absolutely no purpose. Spain's word is no good, because it doesn't keep its promises. There simply is no comparison.

English translation by Heather Hayes
Nació Digital (Catalan), Sep 15, 2012
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