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Vctor Alexandre
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per Marcela Topor   
divendres, 29 setembre 2006
La paraula contra el mur
The cover of the book says
much more than words.
(Click it to see it larger)
The subtitle of Víctor Alexandre's latest book, La paraula contra el mur (The Word Against the Wall) is very clear: "Independence is not a privilege". According to Alexandre, a journalist and a writer born in Barcelona in 1950, Catalonia's independence is, rather that a privilege, a right. The book, which has been translated into Basque and has won the Francesc Ferrer i Gironès award, consists of a written dialogue on the Internet on the hot issues of Catalan identity, history and politics, among others, between a Catalan independentista and his Spanish friend, who, as expected, doesn't share the same political beliefs. Víctor Alexandre has written a set of books on the topic of Catalan independence, including the very recent TV3 a traïció, in which he analyses the presence of Spanish language on the Catalan public TV channel. Other books by the same writer include Jo no sóc espanyol (I Am Not Spanish, 1999), that has sold over 25.000 copies, as well as Despullant Espanya (Undressing Spain, 2001), and Senyor President (2003).

Catalonia Today , 9/28/2006
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