Charter of principles
per Víctor Alexandre   
divendres, 08 setembre 2006

The mission of my website is the same as my books: to bring to Catalans various reflections to help them feel stronger and more positive in the defence of their rights as a people. These all grow from three concepts basic to humanity: Identity, Self-esteem and Independence. There is no independence without self-esteem, nor self-esteem without a sense of identity. For this reason, the statement that you find at the top of this website is a constant in my books: “Independence is not a privilege, independence is a right.”

Catalan CountriesThe nationality of this website is Catalan, as appropriate to the Catalan Countries*.  So the site has a catalanocentric view of the world and it is through this prism that it observes and analyses it. Likewise, it assumes that neither Catalonia nor the Catalan Countries are on the periphery of anywhere but are the neurological centre of their own existence. The basis for this, which I express in the book Despullats (Naked), is that, “A nation can never be the periphery of another nation, still less part of it; and if it does form part of it, it is no longer a nation in its own right but part of another nation.”

* The Catalan Countries (Països Catalans) comprise the mainland from Andorra and Perpignan in the north to Valencia and beyond in the south, together with the Balearic Isles.